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We are Classic Video Game Championships, your destination for all things video games! Play-Trade-Compete. The only thing anyone needs to know about us is that we are primarily about one thing. FUN! you want to have fun, come and check us out. How do we make it so everyone has fun? well.......... We have an incredible variety of games for everyone to play! Solo, with friends, new and old, some you have never even heard about! We encourage vendors and attendees alike to come and buy sell and trade your games and other gaming merchandise! We love the Canadian gaming scene and want to see it grow; we encourage all developers big or small to come show off your games. And share your knowledge with anyone wanting to get a foot in the door of the video game industry. We have various tournaments running at all times during our events, casual and serious gamers alike will find something to compete in!

  • Arcades, Local Developers, Free Play games

  • Buy from the various vendors, Get a table and sell your games, Trade with vendors and other gamers

  • Join one of the many tournaments. Qualifiers, Mini Tournaments, Fighting Games

  • Meet new friends, catch up with old ones, maybe even hobknob with local celebrities at our various panels.

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